I mean fuck it in the spiritual sense.
I mean fuck it in the spiritual sense. 

The heart can drink bleach, too.
Punch a hole in a fortune cookie. 

Please me. Remove my need to be pleased.
This world is drunk on binaries & I want a truer planet.

If god can be conceptualized as a hot air balloon
built of light. If light can be conceptualized as light.

Tent caterpillars hatch a season late & eat my favorite tree.
I like it better now. I never liked it right before.

Ruth Baumann is an MFA student at the University of Memphis, & Assistant Managing Editor of The Pinch. Her poems/ poem-prose-hybrids have been published or are forthcoming in Colorado Review, decomP, Ilk, Permafrost, Thrush Poetry Journal & others listed at  She is very much a Pisces.