your eyes

shot wind
broad like bucks
rotund                                     cornflower blue
around edges             tensile strength elastic
between fingers
flowers buldge                     lay on batholiths
scoop them quietly            bring them home

your liver

black pud forests
sink soft spots                                   zip warm
plastic bags              gooey & slick-searching
his half empty                              cereal boxes

your lungs

glistening & greedy
                                                 cradled in arms
quiet sponges                             a little sticky
sshhh                               you'll wake the baby

your heart

a noisy
thing                                           found a chisel
cut it from your chest
                    placed it                             beating
                                  bleeding in a pyrex bowl
of bleach                         you should've called 
this a forensic countermeasure
no better
witness tampering

your pancreas

feels a little lonely now                        a little
lonely now                   a little echo of a word
now you left crumbs                       trembling

your small intestine

you were always a disobedient child
       & your back was always freckled


Kailey Alyssa is a first year MFA candidate in Poetry at the University of Colorado in Boulder where she also teaches creative writing. She is previously unpublished.